Why Is Liquid Roof Coatings the Best Choice?

Does your roof need to be coated? If so, you’re probably not in the mood to weigh all your options and take a lot of time to look at each and every one, less you make a mistake. Every second you spend trying to figure out how to get that roof fixed, you run the risk of something worse happening. Fortunately, while there are more options than ever before for fixing your roof, liquid roof should make the choice a relatively easy one. This remarkable material can be found on top of roofs belonging to successful companies like:

  • Hampton Inn
  • UPS
  • Dow Chemical Corp
  • Piggly Wiggly Grocery
  • Tesla Motors

Even NASA relies on liquid roof. Chances are, if it works for them, you can trust liquid roof for your liquid roof coatings needs too.

Stands up to Any Climate

Unlike many other options, you don’t have to worry about the environment you live in when you choose liquid roof coatings products. This synthetic rubber has been tested at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and didn’t fold, so no matter how much sun your building gets, you don’t have to worry that liquid roof will let you down.

It can handle extremely low temperatures too. Liquid roof has been tested at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, the liquid rubber pulled through.

Virtually Unrivaled

You’d have to spend a lot of money before you’d find any type of liquid roof coatings or otherwise that could stack up against roof coatings. Consider, for example, that accelerated aging tested has been used to put the rubber up against other popular—and expensive—products like elastomeric applications (including urethane). Despite all the qualities those products can tout, EPDM as still found to perform for three times as long.


While it’s true that roof coating is usually used as a liquid roof coatings product on flat surfaces that greatly underestimates how much this form of rubber can do. For example, the stadium that the New England Patriots play in benefits from liquid roof, despite the fact that it doesn’t actually have a full roof. Roof Coatings is still used for many of the covering areas, nonetheless, despite the fact that not all of them are perfectly flat and smooth.

Long Lasting

Although this form of liquid roof coatings clearly has plenty of benefits to enjoy, the most important one is probably its overall performance. While we’ve mentioned that it can stand strong against all kinds of temperatures, it’s also important to appreciate how long this form of liquid roof repair will protect your structure too.

Roof Coatings has easily survived on roofs for 20 years or more. In fact, don’t be surprised if the warranty for your liquid roof coatings product covers a couple decades. When you use liquid roof to coating your roof, you may just want to cover the entire surface as a preemptive measure.

The next time you need roof coatings, don’t waste any time in selecting a product. Roof Coatings is, by far, your best choice and one countless people already depend on.

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