Who Needs Roofing Permits

Building permits are required in most areas for roofing replacement and for many roof repairs. While most localities do not require permits for painting, many do require that you have a permit for waterproofing.

If this is a do-it-yourself project, the first thing to do is check with your local building inspector. Your building and your project may fall under city or county ordinances. You can usually find the information that you need online or at least the phone number of who to call.

Many roofing jobs will require that you hire a roofing contractor. Some contractors are roofers. They do not do other types of roof repairs or roof maintenance. Other contractors are less specialized. In either case, you should make sure that the contractor you hire has experience, references and insurance to cover worker injuries or damage to your property.

An experienced roofer should be familiar with the building permit requirements in your area. Most contractors are accustomed to dealing with the local inspectors. They know how much time it takes to get a permit and how to get the necessary permits as quickly as possible. Dealing with the local bureaucracy can be annoying to say the least.

You will definitely need a permit if your roof is to be replaced unless you live in a very remote rural area. Minor repairs do not typically require a permit.

The proper disposal of waste products and used materials is one of the typical municipal requirements. Depending on the job, the contractor may be required to have an onsite dumpster specifically for the disposal of waste related to the job.

Special care may be necessary to ensure that waterproof coatings, VOCs and other types of potentially hazardous waste do not end up in the local water supply. The contractor will also need to provide a plan showing that the roof will be structurally sound after the job is completed.

The contractor may be required to provide a portable restroom for employees to use, if a public restroom is not readily available.

Those are just some of the things that the contractor may need to provide in order to complete your roof replacement or repair. The more experienced contractors can tell you about what will be required. Never be afraid to ask questions.

The main purpose of the roofing permit is to help ensure that the construction is done safely and correctly. Workers and the building occupants need to be protected. An experienced roofer will know what it takes to do the job correctly and safely.

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