When your roof needs some assistance

We have heard from countless roofing companies and building owners alike; if at all possible recoat vs. replace.  First depending on the type of roof you have there is considerable cost of replacing a roof.  Roofers get more jobs since the costs are lower and the customer winds up saving money.  How do you know when you do need to re-roof the entire roof or just a section?  For starters there is the obvious you can see inside your building from the roof or when your roof has sagged to the point where the wood underneath has rotted.  These are two symptoms of a needed replacement.

If you are finding that you have periodic leaks or blackening/chalking of your roof then you are a candidate for re-coating.  There are many different types of coatings on the market ranging from acrylics, urethanes and elastomerics to some high end silicone products.  In addition, one that has had a significant amount of success is Liquid EPDM Rubber.  For the past 25 years it has been the choice for building owners, homeowners and roofers alike.  Unlike other recoating systems that require multiple coats and base primers Liquid Rubber is only a one coat application on most roof types.  Since it is 100% EPDM rubber it waterproofs immediately upon application and will withstand ponding water 365 days a year.  It is the only liquid epdm rubber in the world and is made in the U.S. A.  For a full technical overview of the product you can visit the technical data.  Another advantage of EPDM rubber is its ability to expand and contract.  We have provided a link to wikipedia so you can see the historic uses and versatility of EPDM in general.

For product information or ordering visit EPDM Coatings or call them at 855-281-0940.

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