What You Need to Know about Liquid EPDM Roof Coatings

Your roof is one of the single most critical components about the structure, whether we’re talking about a residential home or a commercial property. That roof must stand for decades through sun exposure, as well as being subjected to freezing cold, scorching heat, rain, wind, sleet, snow, and more. Over time, leaks can develop, but Liquid EPDM roof coatings products can help breathe new life into your roof. What should you know about this product and how to use it? We’ll explore all that below.

Will It Work on Your Roof?

First, you need to make sure that Liquid EPDM roof coatings is the right material for your roof. In most cases, it will be fine. Liquid EPDM can be applied to almost any type of existing roof, including BUR, TPO, metal, rubber, and even asphalt shingles when properly prepared. Regardless of roofing material, though, you’ll need to clean and prepare the surface to receive the Liquid EPDM. This includes removing any oil-based coatings, as well as scouring the surface to remove dirt, mold, and even mildew. It must also be dry before you can apply the material.

Is It Waterproof?

Yes, Liquid EPDM roof coatings material is waterproof the instant that you apply it to the surface. That means even if it were to begin raining the instant you finished your repair, you would have peace of mind about the safety of the interior from water. However, that does not mean that the material dries immediately. It can take several hours to dry, and then the curing process requires additional time. However, throughout the curing process, you’ll find that Liquid EPDM conforms to almost any surface, whether horizontal or vertical.

Can It Be Used on Seams?

Liquid EPDM roof coatings material is ideally suited for areas where seams are present. This is one reason that RV roofs are repaired using a similar product (Liquid Roof, which is only designed for use on RV and trailer roofs). A single coating is enough to provide you with complete waterproofing across any seam.

Can It Be Used Instead of Caulk?

While Liquid EPDM roof coatings may not be able to completely eliminate the need for caulk within your roof environment, it can be used in many places where caulking has traditionally played a role. For instance, if you have roof-mounted HVAC units, you can use Liquid EPDM roof coatings material to seal all around the base and prevent water from penetrating under the unit, where it could begin to cause problems over time. The same applies for around flashing on roof vents and the like.

Will It Chalk?

Rubber roofing usually comes in sheet form, and is made from EPDM rubber. This offers ease of installation, but sheet rubber has problems, including the fact that it becomes chalky over time. This mars its appearance and makes cleaning a chore. However, Liquid EPDM roof coatings material does not chalk, while still being EPDM rubber, with all of that material’s other benefits.

What Tools Do You Need to Install It?

In order to apply Liquid EPDM roof repair, you’ll need some pretty basic tools, including the following:

  • An electric drill (corded)
  • A paddle mixer
  • A roller
  • A squeegee for larger applications
  • Mineral spirits to help with cleanup

These are all you’ll really need to get the job done.


In the end, Liquid EPDM roof coatings material is easy to apply on your own, creates a waterproof bond immediately, and offers outstanding durability. In fact, a single millimeter of thickness can give you up to 17 years of protection.

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