Understanding the Various Types of Roof Coatings

Whenever a building is in need of a new roof or new roof coatings, most owners want to learn a bit about the different options available before committing to one of them. This makes sense, but the new roof or coating will often depend on the type of building, the shape of the current roof, and the budget. The following liquid rubber options for roof coatings are ideal for many different roofs. However, some might work better for different purposes than others will.

Asphalt Coating

One of the popular roofing options, particularly for businesses, is asphalt coating. This type of liquid features an asphalt and petroleum base. While it is popular, it is not always the right choice. In fact, the only times it is advisable to use this type of coating is for modified bitumen roofs or roofs that have an asphalt base. Some people have used them on metal roofs, according to an article on eHow.com. When they do though, the roof coatings tend not to last as long. For most roofs, the second option is much better.

Elastomeric Coatings

These liquid coatings are a great option for quite a few different types of flat and low angled roofs. Both homes and businesses, and even RVs can use this material to help protect their roof from all manner of issues. The EPDM coating is a high quality alternative and it offers some benefits that asphalt coating simply doesn’t have. For example, the coating can go on nearly any type of surface, save asphalt. Because it is so thin, yet resilient, it is possible to put it on many different areas of the roof, including tight spaces where it would be difficult if not impossible to use asphalt coating.

With the elastomeric material, you only need to use a single coat. Since it is strong enough and durable enough to last with just one coat, it that means a nice cost savings. In fact, a single coat can last up to three times longer than other roof coatings. Another one of the benefits of this type of coating is the ease with which one can apply it to a roof. The elastomeric coatings are very simple to apply with the same equipment used for painting in most cases.

The asphalt roofing is not quite as simple, and it requires a special touch to get “just right”. This generally means hiring the professionals for the job. The elastomeric roof coatings are a much simpler DIY option.

Which is Right for You?

These liquid coatings are just two options available for roofs. Some might work better with traditional shingles. Others might find the elastomeric coating is the best solution for their home or business. Since there are so many options, it pays to research the options and find the one that works the best for your particular roof. A little time spent researching the various types of roof material can go a long way in helping to make the right decision.

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