Tips for Finding Liquid Roof Leaks

If you have a liquid roof leak, it can be quite a bit more difficult to find than you might imagine. The area on your ceiling where the water is leaking does not always mean that the leak is directly above. Many times, the water will flow from the actual source of the leak and then pool in an area quite a distance away before it actually starts to leak. Therefore, finding the leak can require quite a bit of work.

Look at the Liquid Roof

If you are going to try to find the liquid roof leak on your own, you will need to get up on your liquid roof. You need to be as careful and safety conscious as possible when you are doing this, and it is a good idea to have another person with you to hold the ladder and to make sure they can get help in case something happens. When you are on the liquid roof, you should look for any elements of damage, such as missing or broken shingles, tears in the liquid roofing material, and areas where nails may be missing. In addition, check around the flashing for your vents, chimneys, and skylights. Cracks in those areas could be the source of the leak.

Sometimes, you may not notice any damage on the roof. It doesn’t mean it isn’t there, but you aren’t a professional roofer, so it is easy to miss things. One thing that you could do to help find the liquid roof leak is to conduct a “water test”. You will need to have two people to do this. One person will head into the attic and the other will stay on the ground outside and use a hose to spray the roof. They will start to spray at the bottom of the roof and work their way up until the person on the inside starts to see the area of the leak. Even then, you may not be able to find the actual source of the leak, as water can travel through small cracks before it actually starts to leak in the attic.

Hire a Professional

Liquid roof leaks are generally much easier to find when you don’t do it on your own. You should seriously consider bringing in a professional. They’ve seen all manner of leaks and they can trace the source of the problem far faster than you would be able to do on your own. In addition, once they find the liquid roof leak, they will let you know what needs to happen to repair the leak. They can also complete the repairs for you. If it is the rainy season, or nearing it, having a pro on the job can ensure your roof does not suffer any more damage.

In addition, it’s far safer to have a professional finding the liquid roof leaks. Getting up on your own roof is dangerous, and if there is any sort of pitch to the roof, the chance of an accident increases. It’s a better option for those who want their leaks found and fixed as quickly and safely as possible.

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