The Many Possibilities with Liquid Roof Applications

The words “liquid” and “roof” generally don’t go together unless you’re talking about liquid flowing off the roof. However, when it comes to repairing damage and sealing a roof, you should know a few things about liquid roof coatings. If you’re not familiar with liquid roof coatings and what they can offer, it’s time for an introduction.

Liquid Roof Repair for Businesses

Business locations often have flat roofs. This leads to some significant problems, particularly ponding, which is where small depressions in the roof’s surface create standing puddles. While it might sound strange, roofing material doesn’t do well when exposed to water for long periods of time. You should understand that most roofing material is water resistant, not waterproof. So, ponding leads to very real issues, including seepage, water damage and roof destruction. Liquid roof repair for businesses ensures that standing water is not an issue, as it provides a completely waterproof barrier.

Liquid Roof Repair for Homes

Residential roofs are at just as great a risk as commercial roofs for damage. Fewer homes have flat roofs, so ponding isn’t as common here, but residential roofs have many other threats. Tree branches, mold and mildew, lost shingles, damaged seals around vents and chimneys – these can all allow water into the home. Liquid roof repair products provide protection against water damage for residential homes just as well as they do for business roofs.

Liquid Roof RV Repair

RVs and travel trailers are special situations. They have thin roofs that combine rubber and metal, along with insulation and whatever ceiling material the manufacturer chooses for the interior of the vehicle. These roofs are at greater risk for water leaks and damage just from exposure, but also have risks from tree limbs, road debris and more. Liquid roof applications can be easily applied to cracks, punctures and damaged seals on RV and travel trailer roofs, protecting the interior from damage.

Choosing the Right Type of Liquid Roof Product

You’ll find a very wide range of liquid rubber products on the market, but they’re not created equal. Look for a product that’s made from EPDM rubber. This type of rubber is designed to withstand the rigors of exposure and application to a roofing structure. It remains flexible and pliant for years, even with significant exposure to direct sunlight and heat, which might turn other rubber products hard and brittle.

You’ll also want to choose the right color – black and white are the most prominent choices on the market. Black rubber might be the right choice for your needs, but white EPDM liquid roofing offers benefits that go well beyond protecting from water leaks. White reflects light, which keeps your roof cooler. The cooler your roof is, the cooler the interior will be, allowing you to reduce your reliance on your air conditioner. This is particularly important for RVs and travel trailers, which can heat up quickly, but it’s also important for homes and businesses.

Choose the right EPDM roofing product, the right color, and the right contractor for the job.

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