The Future is Hot for Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are a new type of product on the market today, designed to help reduce the surface temperatures on the roof and therefore provide a better temperature balance on the inside. This is done by reflecting most of the sun’s rays off of a highly reflective surface that is available in liquid paint form, sheeting, tiles, and even standard shingles. While a lot of people are looking into liquid rubber roofing for its other perks, the fact that it meets cool roof standards is definitely making it a more popular choice for some people.

A cool roof is typically going to be white in its finish simply to offer the most reflective properties possible. In the summer sun, a standard roof can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees or more. With a cool roof coating on your RV, you can save a lot of energy by reducing the surface temperature by as much as 50 degrees. That means you’ll get a more temperate climate on the inside and can use less air conditioning during those hot summer months.

Cool Roofs are Eco-Friendly

Because these roofs are designed specifically to offer cooling properties, they have several eco-friendly benefits. Reduced energy costs and usage are two of the biggest perks. You’ll spend less on maintaining the temperature of your RV, and when you have a lower surface temperature on your roof, you’ll also be able to extend its life.

Plus, your cool roof is going to help lower the overall air temperature. In urban areas, this is often known as the “urban heat island effect”, and while it might not be as relevant with RV roofing, it’s definitely a perk to consider if you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact. When you’re using less energy, too, you’re helping lower the overall demand and reduce the risk of outages from over-consumption. Finally, if less power is being generated, fewer emissions are being generated, as well.

Cool Roof Coatings are Easy

There are many cool roofing solutions on the market today, including sheeting and membranes that can be applied manually to create a cool roof effect. However, by and large, people tend to prefer the liquid coatings that offer the same cooling properties. Liquid cool roofing is easy to apply and can be a weekend project for just about anyone. As long as you prep and clean the roof first, this substance can be applied directly to the existing roofing materials without much work on your part.

Are There Drawbacks?

Cool roofing might not have as much value in a cool or more temperate climate as it would in an area like the Southwest desert states of the US. Additionally, if you live in a humid environment, this roofing may be more susceptible to mold growth or algae buildup. On the other hand, however, many coatings on the market today include chemicals that will prevent mold or algae from forming or sticking around. Other than this, there really aren’t a lot of disadvantages to this type of roofing.

How to Decide

Whether or not you choose cool roof coatings is going to be entirely up to you. You will have to figure out whether it’s worth the investment and which materials you will need, based on the type of roof that you have on your RV. Think about how much money you can save in the long run, and all while helping reduce your environmental impact, and you’ll probably find plenty of reasons to consider upgrading to a cool roof rather than just another standard RV coating.

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