The Best Way to Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Nothing ruins your day quite like realizing you have a roof that leaks. Obviously, this means taking some immediate action if it’s raining outside, to ensure the water doesn’t do any more damage than you can help. After that, of course, you now have a new project to look forward to and it’s definitely not one you can just put off for a weekend you have open. Fortunately, if you find yourself needing to fix a elastomeric roof that coatings, there’s an amazing rubber out there that will absolutely be up for the job.


The rubber we’re talking about is called EPDM. It’s not a natural rubber, but instead a synthetic version that is made from natural oil and gas. EPDM is quickly surpassing all other forms of rubber as the most used version in the entire world. This is for good reason when you consider all that the product can do and how much more science is learning to do with it as the years go by.

Easy to Apply

One of the best parts about this remarkable rubber is that, for all its many benefits, EPDM is still extremely easy to apply. If you had a large surface area you were installing it on, you may want to hire professionals. However, if all you need to do is fix a couple elastomeric roof coatings, you can easily handle the project on your own.
EPDM comes in one of two forms, both of which can be used to elastomeric roof coatings. This rubber is often produced in solid form in thin sheets. The sheets are then rolled into large spools and sold that way. You can lay down just the right amount over the damaged area and apply an adhesive to make certain it stays in place. The second version of EPDM comes in liquid form.


Despite how easily this product can be applied to all your elastomeric roof coatings, it won’t be stripped away without a fight. EPDM is well known in the industry for being one of the most durable forms of rubber available to consumers.
Whether you live in the frigid north or the blazing hot south, EPDM is still the product for you. Considering the U.S. Army and even NASA use this product, you better believe it’s extremely strong. Tests have even been done that prove it can stand its ground at 300 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to negative 40 degrees.


While you may be right to expect that this incredibly solution to your elastomeric roof coatings would cost you an arm and a leg, you’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised by the true cost. Making the price even cheaper is the fact that EPDM can last for decades without any demanding maintenance outside of the normal cleaning your roof needs. Whether you decide to do it on your own or hire professionals, your budget will remain intact.
The moment you discover your elastomeric roof coatings, start using EPDM to make it whole again. One applications should be all it takes for decades of protection.

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