The Benefits Offered by Cool Roof Coatings for Your RV

Your RV offers you the ability to hit the road at almost any time, and go wherever you want. You can escape the heat of summer by heading north, or beat the cold by heading south. You can travel west or east as you desire. However, any amount of time spent in your RV will show you that temperature control is not as simple as adjusting the thermostat up or down, particularly when traveling during the summer months. Applying cool roof coatings can help keep the temperature down within the RV, and can also offer a number of other benefits.

What Are Cool Roof Coatings?

Before we go too much further, we need to address the question of what cool roof coatings actually are. While there are quite a few formulations on the market, most are created from stretchy material called elastomers. This allows the coating to be applied easily to the roof, and then ensures that it can expand and contract with the roof as temperatures shift. A rigid application, such as paint, would simply crack and flake off.

Temperature Control with Cool Roof Coatings

Perhaps the most important (and most obvious) benefit of cool roof coatings is actually listed right in the name of the product. These coatings are designed to help reduce the interior temperature of your RV by blocking thermal energy from the sun. They do this in a couple of ways. The most common is by color.

Most of the cool roof coatings on the market are a light color, either white, gray or something similar. This reflects more sunlight from the roof, keeping it cooler and reducing the transfer of heat from the roof to the interior of the RV.

Another way that cool roof coatings help you beat the heat is through the thickness of the application. Most of these coatings go on quite thick, and that ensures that heat does not fully penetrate through the elastomer material, and then through the roof of the RV to warm up the interior.

Longer Life for Your Roof

While temperature control is probably the reason you’re considering cool roof coatings for your RV, there’s another benefit you should understand. Applying these coatings can have a dramatic effect on the lifespan of your roof itself. Most RV roofs are made from rubber, and will oxidize and degrade over time.

By applying a quality roof coating, you reinvigorate the roof and breathe new life into it while stopping the damage to the existing structure. This can allow you to get years more use out of your RV without spending a ton of money on a roof replacement.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to cool roof coatings for your RV roof. While there are many options out there, RV Liquid Roof has proven to be one of the most effective choices for both improving temperature control within your RV, and for reinvigorating aging RV roofs.

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