The Advantages of Liquid Roof

Liquid roof is the liquefied version of a synthetic rubber commonly referred to as EPDM. It suited numerous substrates including concrete, felt, metal, asbestos among others. They offer long-term protection for all kinds of pitched and flat roofs like skid that inhibit walkways as well as balcony systems. Before the introduction of liquefied version, rolls of rubber were utilized for waterproofing roofs. Liquids are much easier to apply. They can go where sheets couldn’t go.

Liquid Roof

This process existed for decades and for the past twenty five years the only liquid epdm has been commercial available and has been used by builders, building owners, schools and a variety of other companies  across the globe to ensure leaks stop.  The very first elastomeric coating was introduced in the year 1975. These days, the basis of liquid roof coatings is polyurethane coating which is moisture cured. A Liquid system, particularly Liquid Roof has many benefits over other types of waterproofing. Below are a few of them.

Cost effective

Liquid roofing is about 70 per cent cheaper than renovation or roof replacement. It is a cost effective environmentally friendly choice. Liquid roof can also be applied to a broad range of roofing materials encompassing wood, fiberglass, and metal. By the use of undercoating, it can be applied to the built-up as well as asphalt-based coatings. In many cases it’s a do-it-yourself product saving you thousands of dollars in installation costs of a new built up or asphalt roof.

Increase the lifespan of the roof

Liquid roof increases the life of the roof. The quality of liquid roof may last up to 25 years. This will depend on substrate that it is applied on.  If the roofs are made of aluminum or steel, it prevents oxidization and extends the life of your roofing material. If you select white, which is the base color usually offered, the coating minimizes heat within the structure and helps to protect your home from extreme heat.

Seamless membrane

The major source of leaks in any sheet or membrane roof occurs where the two seams meet.  This is due to gradual ageing of the glue and/or tape under the seam.  With Liquid roof; it provides a seamless roof finish. It forms permanently flexible, seamless membrane and it’s great for durable water resistant of awkward roof details like pipe penetrations, gutters, as well as up-stands. These features make the system an ideal alternative for the long term protection of roofs.

Other benefits of liquid roofs

Liquid roof will bond to a variety of substrates, enabling its use in numerous situations without having to eliminate an existing roof covering. This saves time and money by avoiding the costly need to remove an existing roof covering. Other advantages of using liquid roof are minimum disruption, fully bonded as well as easy application by brush, roller, or airless spray. They are compatible with many substrates and have a long history of success with thousands of customers over the years.

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