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Our business begins with appreciating and respecting the privacy rights of our website visitors. Our entire company understands how important privacy is to our customers and potential customers.  By visiting you are agreeing to the outlined policy below.

When I communicate with Liquidroofcoatings; when sending e-mails I am communicating indirectly; electronically.  By sending an e-mail to us you are essentially consenting to receive e-mails from us or “opting- in”.  We will from time to time communicate with you through e-mail for notifications, contests and information regarding changes to our website. 

What do we collect?

When you enter our website there is various information that we learn about you such as what pages of our website you visited and how long you were on each page.  This information helps our marketing department learn just what our visitors are doing on our site and what pages they are reading.  If you place an order we obtain and store all the information you provided except for credit card information.  We may use this information to send you newsletters informing you of specials and/or promotions.  You can contact us at any time and ask that we do not communicate with you.

How is your personal information handled?
In the event that you land on one of our store websites we will collect various information such as your name address and credit card information.  Once you card has been processed we do not retain any credit card information.  Your other information is stored on our secure server.  Remember you always have the option to opt out from receiving e-mails from us.

Do you sell my information? will never sell any information you provide us to third parties.  The information we retain is to assist us in effectively communicating with you throughout the yea4r and informing you of new products as they become available.  Your information is always behind our secured servers.  Any and all credit card information is transmitted by SSL or secure socket Layer technology.

Do you use cookies?

Yes we do.  But to help clarify a “cookie” is a piece of data send by websites you visit and is saved on your computer.  It purposes is to help in personalizing the experience as you move throughout a website.  It can gather information about the pages you visit, what you clicked on, how long you are on the page, what browser you are using and if you are using a computer or mobile device to name a few.  The information is never collected on the actual person so essentially it is unanimous.    Also we may from time to time have one of our ad companies use their software to gain additional analytical information about the users who visit our website; this information is also anonymous.

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