Liquid Roof RV Coating Installation Tips

Do you own an RV?

If you do, it’s probably fair to say that you want to make sure you protect your investment. Aside from how much fun it is to drive around in an RV, you also spent a lot of money on it.

One way to make sure you do this is with a liquid roof RV coating, which we’ll go into detail about now.

What Is aLiquid Roof RV Coating?

A liquid roof RV coating generally refers to EPDM. This stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class). It’s a synthetic form of plastic that can be applied as either a solid or a liquid.

The major benefit of EPDM is that, once it’s been applied, it cures into a hard rubber material that is extremely strong and durable. This combination means that the coating will stay on your RV for decades and protect your vehicle the entire time.

It’s also known for being extremely easy to install. While you need to read the instructions on the container of your choice of liquid roof RV coating, the following will make it easy to appreciate what goes into the process.

Measure the Area

Before you apply any liquid RV roof coating to your vehicle, make sure you measure the area before you begin and confirm you have enough to get the job done. Otherwise, you’re going to need to head back to the store before the job is complete.

Prepare the Roof

Next, make sure your roof is ready to bond with this coating. This will require you to clean off the entire surface of the roof. You don’t want any dust or debris getting between your RV and the coating. Any particle could be enough to later let in water or other problems.

Wash it down, too, and check to make sure it’s nice and dry before you begin. If your RV is a bit older, you may want to look for any signs of damage.

Apply the Liquid Roof RV Coating

Again, read the instructions before you do this. You may need to mix your EPDM with water before applying it. Otherwise, if it comes in liquid form, just begin spreading it around. EPDM is applied just like you would paint. You can use either a roller or a brush (or may want to use both). The important thing is that the coating is nice and even.

Give It a Day

As you spread the liquid roof coating around, you’ll notice how quickly it cures. Nonetheless, it’s best to give the material about 24 hours before you use your RV. Ideally, you want the temperature to be around 55 degrees or higher. This will make the EPDM cure far quicker.

Don’t worry if the temperature is lower, though. As long as it can cure without interruption (e.g. rain), it will be fine.

That’s pretty much all that’s involved in using a liquid roof coating of EPDM on your RV. It may not be a bad idea to bring a small bottle of the stuff with you on your trips just in case you need to make minor repairs, but that coating should be strong enough that this isn’t an issue.

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