Is a Liquid EPDM Roof DIY Friendly?

If you own an RV, you know that yearly maintenance is essential for getting the most life out of your vehicle. Part of that maintenance is having your roof inspected. But what happens if during that inspection you find substantial wear and tear or even damage? Does that mean you’ll have to pay someone to replace your entire roof? In short, no. Replacing your RV’s roof with a new EPDM roof is something you can do from home as long as you have the right tools. If you’ve ever painted a room, you can apply a new roof. Let’s look into how this is done.

Get the Right Gear

Before you get to work applying a roof all by yourself, it’s a good idea to find the right equipment. EPDM roofs come in two varieties, and you’ll want to pick the right one. Look for a liquid EPDM roof coating. If you purchase EPDM panelling sheets, you’ll not be able to apply them to your RV. Again, you need a liquid EPDM coating. These come in both spray-on, and roll-on options, so consider what you feel most comfortable with before making a purchase. 

While you’re out shopping, also look for maintenance kits. These should have everything you need to get started, including cleaner, tape, brushes and rollers, and primer. Opting for a maintenance kit can save you from having to buy each item individually. If you can’t find a kit, still look for those items separately. A roller with an extendable handle will make applying the roof far easier if you’ve chosen to go with a roll-on option. Otherwise, you’ll be bent over all day applying the roof to your RV. We also recommend wearing gloves and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. If the roofing material dries onto your clothes, you’ll never get it out.

Clean and Prep Your RV Roof

One of the best things about liquid EPDM roofs is that they don’t require a lot of preparation. You can just roll them out and leave them to dry. That’s not to say you shouldn’t at least prep your roof, though. We said to buy some cleaner because you’ll first want to clean the roof. Follow the instructions on the bottle, get scrubbing, and your roof will come out better than if you applied it to a dirty surface. If there are any leaks or damage, we recommend repairing them beforehand. That way, when you start applying the liquid EPDM roof, you won’t have anything else to worry about.

As for primer, you shouldn’t need to prime the roof unless your RV’s old roof is made of tar or silicone. If so, you’ve want to remove that material before rolling our the EPDM roofing and then prime the base surface to take the new material. Taking the time to clean and prepare your roof will make for a more uniform and seamless roof. From here, start at the edges of the RV and slowly work your way around, covering every inch with liquid EPDM. Let dry, and you’re done!


Repairing your RV’s roof doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. When it comes to RVs, you can DIY most of the maintenance issues. Rather than paying to take your RV to a mechanic or a dealership, why not take on the project yourself? By going with a liquid EPDM roof, you’ll save time and the cost of paying for labor. Remember to follow the instructions on the container, clean and prep the roof, and, most importantly, be safe when working on your roof.

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