How to Avoid RV Roof Replacement

Recreational vehicles are meant to be fun and help people create lasting memories of quality time spent together. Those of us who own one can undoubtedly think of some good times we’ve had with ours. It makes it all the more important then to keep your RV in good shape so you can keep making more memories.

RVs need to be cared for and have regular maintenance performed for them to continue to function to their highest levels. The roof is an area that sometimes get forgotten about. It’s also an area that can cause the most problems when it isn’t well-maintained. Continuing to use an RV without putting effort into caring for the roof could put you in a position where you need to do a full RV roof replacement. This is an undertaking that can be both costly and difficult.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to avoid having to ever do an RV roof replacement? Great news, there is!

Avoiding RV Roof Replacement

You can avoid ever having to perform and RV roof replacement by applying a roof coating e.g. RV Liquid Roof, to the top of your camper. The application process is easy and the coating costs significantly less than what it takes to fully replace an RV roof.

So what is an RV roof coating? It’s a liquid coating that you apply to the surface of your RV roof that acts as a sealant locking out water, dirt, and wind. After preparing the area, you roll or paint it on and then allow it to dry completely. It cures and creates a waterproof, sealed coating that protects your camper from weather, water, UV rays, and more.

What Type of Roof Material Does RV Roof Coating Work On?

This is a good question. It’s important to make sure the roof coating you choose is compatible with the material your camper’s roof is made of. Not all coating types will adhere to all kinds of materials.

You can also choose a coating product that adheres to all of the major types of roof materials so you know it will work with yours. Not finding the right coating product could result in it not adhering to the surface, therefore it wouldn’t work for what its intended purpose is, to seal and protect.

Caring for Your RV Roof Once It’s Coated

Once you apply an RV roof coating to your camper’s roof, you will want to continue to perform regular maintenance on it to make sure you don’t end up having to do a costly RV roof replacement.

Some of the things you’ll want to do are inspect your camper’s roof from time to time. Look for any damage, oily residue buildup, or gaps in sealant that could lead to future leaks. If you notice places where it looks like branches or other debris may have scratched or otherwise damaged the surface of the roof, do a touch up job on that area to prevent any further problems.

You can extend the life of your RV’s roof with the addition of the coating and by following some simple prevention rules. Make sure there aren’t dents and pieces of debris on the roof that could cause ponding of water. The roof needs to be draining properly so standing water doesn’t cause damage.

While it’s ok to walk around on the coating a little bit, don’t do this a lot. The less foot traffic, the better your roof coating will function as it’s supposed to. Also, when you clean the roof, don’t use anything with harsh cleaners in it that could break down the coating.

With a little time and effort to apply a roof coating, you’ll find you can avoid ever having to pay for and perform an RV roof replacement.

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