How to Apply Roof Coatings

Could your roof use a little help fending off the elements? Maybe it was recently damaged and you’ve repaired it, but you’d like some reassurance it won’t happen again anytime soon. If either of these situations sounds familiar, or you simply want to bolster your roof as a precaution, there’s one solution out there that will get the job done. Roof coatings have always been a popular way to go, but modern versions sport vast improvements over their predecessors. Here’s what you need to know when you apply yours.

Pick a Cool Day

Applying roof coatings is hot work when the sun is above you the entire time. So do your best to pick a nice cool day and start in the morning if at all possible. While the spring and fall make this easy, you can get away with doing it in the summer if you schedule the installation well.

Inspect Your Roof

Roof coatings aren’t designed to fix anything. They’re not a substitute for roof sealants, caulk or other materials made to fill in cracks or holes. However, you can spread them over those products to ensure they aren’t interfered with after they’re installed.

The point is that you need to inspect your roof and look for areas where it may need to be repaired before any roof coatings can be applied. Materials like the ones mentioned above generally need a day or so to set, so the sooner you start the roof restoration process, the sooner you can start applying a coating.

Clean Your Roof Thoroughly

It doesn’t matter what roof coating manufacturing you choose, no version is going to work without a clean surface for it to bond to. So you’ll want to do more than just sweep away debris and foliage. Use a power washer if necessary or other chemical cleaners designed to work on the material your roof is made from. This way, there’s nothing to stop your roof coating from working exactly like it was designed. Plus, this entire process shouldn’t take all that long.

Once the cleaning is done, make sure the roof is nice and dry before moving forward with the installation.

Assess Your Roof

All roof coatings work a bit differently, depending on the manufacturer. Make sure you know how much you’re supposed to use per square foot (it’s usually a gallon). You want to avoid applying the coating too thin because this won’t give it a chance to provide maximum benefit. At the same time, if you over-apply it, you’re just wasting money and adding unnecessary weight to your building.

Applying the Coating

To apply a roof coating, all you need is a paint roller, an extension and a dipping pail. You then essentially just apply it as you would normal paint. But again, be careful about using the right amount.

After your coat has set, schedule times throughout the year to check on it. You may find it needs some washing if you want to keep its reflective sheen. Otherwise, just ensure it’s still holding strong.

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