How to Apply Liquid EPDM Coatings to Your RV Roof

Even a modest RV is an expensive asset, and one that can bring you and your family years of joy and excitement. Whether you use it for summer vacations, or you spend a lot more time in it, you know the importance of regular care and maintenance. Roof sealing is vital part of that, and rubber roofs are the most common on the market, which makes it important that you know how to liquid EPDM to revitalize and seal your roof. Thankfully, there’s not really that many steps. We’ll discuss what you need to know below.

Get Your Tools

First and foremost, you’ll need to get your tools together. You’ll need a squeegee, paint roller and roller refills, as well as a long handle so that you can apply liquid EPDM to more areas without having to bend too much. You will also need something in which to mix the sealant, as well as a putty knife, a box cotter, a paintbrush or two, and some spare rags for cleanup.

Liquid EPDM Coatings

Prep the Roof First

Once you’ve gotten your tools and supplies together, you’ll need to prepare your RV’s roof. Really, this just means giving it a good cleaning. However, make sure that you do this thoroughly. Any dirt or debris left will compromise the seal of the liquid EPDM, and may lead to premature failure and leaks. Scour the roof and then rinse it thoroughly. Let it dry completely before you apply any liquid rubber.

Mix It Up

Once you’ve cleaned the roof and allowed it to dry, you need to mix the liquid EPDM with the catalyst. In most cases, you can do this in the bucket the product came in, but you may need to use another container. A power drill will be your best friend here – a 3/8” drill is ideal for small quantities, but you’ll need a 1/2” drill for larger volumes. Mix the material very well.


Now it’s time to start applying the liquid EPDM to the roof of your RV. Tape off areas that will not need to be resealed first. Use the roller and a long handle and pour an amount of EPDM directly onto the roof itself. Spread that out with the squeegee in a thin layer. Once you have thinned it out, use the roller to spread it around the roof evenly. If you notice that roller marks are left behind, don’t worry. This material is self-leveling, and those marks will disappear eventually. The most important thing is to make sure that you are applying enough liquid EPDM for the space.

Start at the front of the RV, and work toward the rear, where your ladder should be located. Take your time, and make sure that you apply the material evenly in all areas. Work in small patches is necessary, and use your paintbrush to apply EPDM in areas where the roller cannot reach, such as around vents and flashing.

Allow Time for Curing

Once you have applied a coat of EPDM to the entire roof, you’ll need to let it cure. Note that it is waterproof immediately, so even if it rains as soon as you finish applying the material, it will not harm it. However, it does require time to fully cure. This will vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity level. Colder temperatures and higher humidity will lead to longer curing times. However, you do not need to worry about uncontrolled curing rates or the development of porousness.

There you have it – applying liquid EPDM is simple and fast, and provides effective protection for your RV’s roof.

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