Roof Coatings Benefits

In many instances roof on houses are being ignored by a lot of home owners. Homeowners primarily focus their attention on the living room, bath room and flooring. Only a few had realized that taking care of their roof one of the most important areas of the home. One of the reasons for this is people could not inspect their roof at a close range. Aside from it’s hard to do, it is also dangerous. Also some homeowners are overly confident that their roof is stable enough since made from materials which could be durable for a long time. Keep in mind that even though your roof is made with high quality material, it still needs roof coatings to decrease the chance of leak. It is made from silicone and some substances like polymers which gives it the elastic property and strength to make your roof waterproof. If you live in a four season state ice damage is a common problem from water getting up and under the roof and freezing then thawing causing leaks.

An average homeowner is eager to spend dollars for home improvements like paved driveways, improvements on flooring, carpeting, replacement of windows and others. To renovate an aging roof, probably not so many. Let’s face is many of us don’t want to be bothered thinking about the roof; that is until it starts leaking and causing serious damage inside. A yearly inspection of a roof is advisable and in many instances small issues can be fixed before they become real problems. Extending the life if you roof another 14-15 years with a nationally recognized coatings is one way to put your mind at ease. Instead of replacing your roof, it would be an economical option to settle with coating it. When you search for a roof coating, keep in mind that it is very different from standard paint. It consist of certain compound made for the protection and increasing the life-span of your roof. To convince you on the importance of roof coatings, below are its benefits.

Protection – Whatever type of roofing you have, there is an available coating for its protection. This coating is very essential since in time your roof would lose its ability to repel water which leads to a lot of roof problems. With the use of a roof coating, you improve the capacity of your roof to withstand wear and tear cause by water.

Energy efficient – The use of a roof coating could also be energy efficient since it could reflect about 65 – 75 percent of rays from the sun. This would result to lesser cost of air conditioning especially during summer.

Property value – The use of roof coating will not only protect your roof but would also give it a more beautiful appearance making it look new. This significantly increases the value of your property.
Saving on repairs – If you apply coating on your roof, you extend its life and lessen the chance of repairs. This decreases the number of times you call the professionals to do some repair on your roof. Now that you have learned the importance of applying roof coating, the next thing to consider is how you are going to choose the right one. Roof coatings come in different colors and some comes with added insulating material. This makes the environment of your house more comfortable even during hot season.

Another thing to consider when you choose a coating is its resistance to acid rain and moss. This two significantly affects roof quality. It’s best for you to buy your roof coating on reliable stores. Purchases could now be done online and EPDM Coatings is among your best option. Visit their website right now and learn how they could help.

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The History, Benefits and Types of Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are not a new thing. In many parts of the world, people have understood the benefits of white outer walls and roofing for thousands of years. In the warmer climates of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, white buildings are the standard, not the unusual. Roofing materials and roof coatings for leak repair and leaks maintenance like liquid roof coatings and liquid rubber coatings are now also coming in white.

The U.S. Department of Energy began doing research in the 1980s concerning the benefits of more reflective roofing in urban environments. The goal was to reduce “heat islands” caused by black roofing and a combination of other factors in large cities.

In 2001, California changed its code to require cooler roofing on all low-slope buildings, primarily commercial and apartment buildings in and around cities. California’s goal was to reduce electricity consumption and prevent the need for the rolling blackouts that occurred during the summer of 2001.

Today, cool roofing products dominate the commercial and residential roofing market, partly because of the introduction of more reflective materials and different colors. White is no longer the only color to choose from.

The main benefit of cool roofs is lower summertime utility bills because of a reduced need for air conditioning. Owners of large buildings may be able to decrease the size of their air conditioning units. The lifespan of an existing air conditioning unit may be increased as the demand placed on the unit is decreased.

Certain types of products may expand the lifespan of the roof itself. For example, EPDM and other coatings applied to an existing roof provide additional protection from the elements. EPDM coatings create a more water resistant surface helping to prevent leaks and the need to replace the roof deck.

There are other indirect benefits. As more buildings in a city turn to cooler roofing products, the temperature around the city decreases. Vehicles require less air conditioning and use less gasoline.

People outdoors in the community are more comfortable. There is less smog and public health improves. Cool roofs indirectly reduce power plant CO2 emissions by reducing total electricity consumption.

Many different types of roofing materials are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for their ability to reflect solar radiation and emit heat rather than trapping it. In addition to the coatings that can be applied to nearly any type of existing roof, there are also new kinds of shingles, slate, tile and rubber polymers.

A good roofing contractor can help you compare the cool roofs that will work for your building. You may have lots to choose from.

When your roof needs some assistance

We have heard from countless roofing companies and building owners alike; if at all possible recoat vs. replace.  First depending on the type of roof you have there is considerable cost of replacing a roof.  Roofers get more jobs since the costs are lower and the customer winds up saving money.  How do you know when you do need to re-roof the entire roof or just a section?  For starters there is the obvious you can see inside your building from the roof or when your roof has sagged to the point where the wood underneath has rotted.  These are two symptoms of a needed replacement.

If you are finding that you have periodic leaks or blackening/chalking of your roof then you are a candidate for re-coating.  There are many different types of coatings on the market ranging from acrylics, urethanes and elastomerics to some high end silicone products.  In addition, one that has had a significant amount of success is Liquid EPDM Rubber.  For the past 25 years it has been the choice for building owners, homeowners and roofers alike.  Unlike other recoating systems that require multiple coats and base primers Liquid Rubber is only a one coat application on most roof types.  Since it is 100% EPDM rubber it waterproofs immediately upon application and will withstand ponding water 365 days a year.  It is the only liquid epdm rubber in the world and is made in the U.S. A.  For a full technical overview of the product you can visit the technical data.  Another advantage of EPDM rubber is its ability to expand and contract.  We have provided a link to wikipedia so you can see the historic uses and versatility of EPDM in general.

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