Are Roof Coatings the Best Option for Your RV?

Choosing the right roofing option for an RV can be a tricky situation. While a lot of people have different opinions, there is no single solution that is “best” for everyone. Roof coatings refer to the class of RV roofing materials made of various synthetic rubber compounds, such as EPDM and TPO, which are designed to create a protective membrane over the entire roof. Unlike fiberglass or even rubber sheeting, coatings create a seamless finish that makes sure that there is no way for water to get in, which is the biggest risk for most RV roofs.

Take a minute to clean and inspect your RV roof. See what kind of repairs or care it needs. If there are just a few scratches or areas where the coating is starting to crack, a simple coating might be the ideal solution. If there is major damage, you might want to talk to someone about getting a new roof. However, that’s usually pretty costly and not necessary, in most cases.

Modern roof coatings are made from premium materials and designed to withstand all kinds of elements. They are UV-resistant to protect the material from the sun’s harmful rays and they are also going to be resistant to damage and debris, to an extent. The flexible rubber finish offers more durability than most roofing materials.

Roof Coatings are Easy and Eco-Friendly

Most people want RV solutions that are easy to use because they do the work themselves. Part of being an RVer is caring for and upgrading your RV to enjoy it even more. When it comes to routine maintenance, you can trust that you’ll have less of it when you have the best roof coatings in place. Plus, they’re easy to apply and designed to be truly DIY-friendly, thanks to the industry understanding that RV owners are the DIY types.

Did you know that EPDM and other roof coatings are also better for the environment? First of all, it doesn’t take as much energy to produce these coatings as it does to produce other materials. The rubber compound is 100% recyclable and many roof coatings are made from recycled materials, to begin with. This means you can feel good about your decision and know that you’re not making a bigger impact on the environment.

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned, the maintenance and care required with rubber roofing are much more minimal than with other materials. Regular sweeping of debris and washing with mild soap and water can go a long way in keeping your roof coatings in top condition. Of course, you will also want to protect your RV when it isn’t in use by purchasing an RV cover or parking indoors or under an awning so that the roof isn’t exposed to the elements.

Other than this, as well as the occasional re-coating, there isn’t a lot of work involved in roof coatings. That’s why people prefer them, in addition to the fact that they offer superior protection, easy application, and an affordable long-term solution. It’s all about doing what’s best for your RV and these coatings are among the best protection that you can find.

Plus, there are several styles of roof coatings to choose from so that there is something for just about every need. Newer products even come in white finishes for a better aesthetic appearance, and some can be tinted to match the desired color or create a certain look. There’s a lot to appreciate about roof coatings, so when you’re looking for a new roofing solution make sure that this one is on your list.

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