Are Liquid Roof Coatings Eco-Friendly?

As more people are searching for ways to reduce their own environmental impact, they are seeking out products and solutions that can assist them in doing so. As most RV owners are outdoor enthusiasts, it’s only natural that they would also want products that aren’t going to harm the environment or have a huge carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are several products on the market today that offer specific eco-friendly benefits. What’s more is that the way that coatings are manufactured today will impact how “green” they are. Sustainable manufacturing is starting to become a very popular trend in the liquid roofing industry.

Not All Coatings are Created Equally

There are still plenty of products on the market that aren’t focused on sustainability, necessarily, so you will need to do a little homework to ensure that you are choosing the best solutions. Some of the things that you can look for include:

Energy Efficiency

Many liquid roof coatings are designed to help create a cooling effect and help reduce emissions that are released into the environment. These roofing materials have reflective properties and are designed to help keep a more temperate climate inside by reflecting the sun’s rays and the temperatures outside. In addition to standard liquid roof coatings that offer this, there is a new product known as the Cool Roof coating system that is designed specifically for eco-friendly benefits.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Not only are many liquid roof coatings created with scraps from other rubber products or materials, but they are also often produced using “green” manufacturing methods. Again, this isn’t the case for all products, but you should look for the ones that offer it. Even the idea of recoating a roof with liquid roof products is a sustainable effort because you’re not doing a full replacement and taking up more resources or creating excess waste.


While they are technically organic materials, VOCs, or Volatile Organic Contents, contain odors that are potent and potentially harmful with extended exposure. Many companies that create liquid roof coatings have removed most, if not all, of the VOCs from their production methods. There are ultra-low VOC compounds, but the best choice is to go with something that is completely free of VOCs.

One-Coat Application

While you might not think of it initially, the application process definitely creates an opportunity for efficiency and eco-friendliness. For starters, if you have to apply more than one coat of a roofing product, you are going to need to buy more, which means more will be produced. Choose an eco-friendly liquid roof product that can be applied with a single coat so that you can reduce how much you use to complete your recoating project.

Specific Eco-Friendly Products or Ingredients

Every liquid coating is going to have a slightly different formula. However, there are some ingredients in each that are specifically designed to offer eco-friendly benefits. The manufacturer will typically highlight these ingredients and provide additional information to help consumers understand the benefits and features of the elements that are included. That ensures that you can make an educated decision about eco-friendly liquid roof coatings.

You Can Make Anything More Environmentally Friendly if You Try

Liquid roof coatings do offer a variety of eco-friendly benefits, depending on what you are looking for. However, if you take a minute to get to know the liquid products on the market, you will see that you can often find plenty of ways to reduce your environmental impact while using liquid roof materials in addition to those listed here. A liquid roof can be a great option for many reasons, including the eco-friendly benefits that come along with it.

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