The Benefits of Liquid Roof Products

Everyone wants a strong, sturdy, reliable roof above their head. Whether it’s the roof on their home, the one above them at work or their RV, it goes without saying that people want to know the elements will stay on one side while they enjoy the other. These days, you have a number of options for ensuring that happens. However, you could waste a lot of time considering each and every one of them when liquid roof coatings are clearly the best.


When we talk about liquid roof coatings here, we’re referring to the kinds that use EPDM. Ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) is a type of rubber that is used in a number of different industries and relied on for its easy application and durability. Now you can use this rubber to handle your liquid roof repair job or put down a liquid rubber EPDM roof coating that will make your roof impenetrable.

Easy Repairs with EPDM

The moment you discover a leak in your roof, you want to attack it and get it fixed. You can use a liquid roof for RV repair or working on a normal structure. Either way, you want a roof with no leak and, in both scenarios, EPDM will provide it.

All you really need to do is clean the area where the leak occurred and then apply the EPDM. In no more than a couple hours, the problem should be gone. Of course, you can also hire someone to handle your liquid roof RV repair job or the one for your home or commercial building.

Coat Your Roof

As we mentioned above, it also makes a lot of sense to simply use a liquid rubber application before problems ever emerge. Even though EPDM is great for fixing leaks, ideally, you never want it to come to that. Instead, apply liquid rubber now and make sure you never have to worry about what the elements can do.

Great Durability

Speaking of which, we’ve touched on why liquid roof repair and coatings are so great, but consider that most people with this type of roof generally enjoy it for at least two decades. You could easily have yours up for years. Should anything cut its life short, just remember that repairs are a snap.

This liquid rubber application has been tested against the most extreme of temperatures too. From 40 below to 300 Fahrenheit, EPDM was able to survive without warping, cracking or otherwise showing any problems.


Despite all of this, you don’t have to worry that your new roof is going to cost you an arm and a leg. EPDM is actually very affordable. Those who only have a minor leak to fix on their building or RV will find it extremely easy to save money, even if they hire someone to do the job for them.

If you want a better roof, you want a liquid rubber EPDM roof coating. Just one application will last you for years, yet leave plenty in your budget.

Making the Most of Your Options for Roof Coatings

Every roof needs a coat on top of it for a myriad of reasons. No matter what kind of roof you have or the environment you live in, you should make sure you choose liquid rubber for yours, specifically EPDM. While the roof coating manufacturer you select will definitely have an effect on the finished product, no other option is going to compare to liquid rubber. Cement, aluminum, elastomeric and other coatings just can’t do the same thing EPDM can.

A Coating That Stands the Test of Time

No one spends money on roofing sealants and goes through the process of having it applied without hoping it’s the last time they’ll have to do so. Applying a coat to your roof should be like painting your home or building. Actually, the coating should last even longer. It’s not something you want to spend money on every few years or even every decade.
With EPDM, you don’t have to worry about this. As far as roofing sealants go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that can withstand punishment for as many years as this liquid rubber. Buildings with EPDM coating their roof have benefited from upwards of two decades before another coating was needed. Sometimes, that number has been even greater.

Perfect for Every Environment

If you live in one of the far corners of the country, you may be thinking that your particular environment will be quick to compromise any type of coating. Perhaps you’re actually in need of roof restoration because of the climate or weather where you live.
Not to worry. For one thing, EPDM will create an airtight seal on your roof. While you don’t want pools of rainwater forming, you don’t have to be concerned about rain otherwise sneaking in.
You also don’t need to fear that extreme sides of the thermostat will break your coating, cause it to warp or otherwise create problems. EPDM has survived in temperatures 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. It’s also done just fine at 300 degrees too. It’s probably safe to assume that your building’s roof will never have to face down these kinds of temperatures, but should it happen, it will be fine so long as EPDM is covering it.

EPDM Is Cheap

There’s nothing cheap about the finished result, but EPDM is definitely affordable. Again, it will depend on the roof coating manufacturer you decide to go with. However, for the most part, EPDM is just as easy on the budget as other options in its class. Yet, only EPDM has the above traits.
If you decide to apply the coating yourself, you’ll obviously save even more money. This can be extremely helpful if you’re already doing a roof restoration project that comes with high costs. However, even if you pay a professional to do the coating, you can trust it will be a reasonable bill.
Coating materials are important for protecting the roofs underneath them. Still, if you don’t choose an EPDM option for yours, you’re risking this important feature of your building.